New : Curtain Manual
Wednesday, 01 October 2014

In accordance to the vision and commitments of PT. Onna Prima Utama "There is an Onna for Every Window", we have begun the marketing of a new product, the Curtain Manual.

Advantages of the Curtain Manual:

Made with M1 Fire Resistant Fabric, standard FR in the United Kingdom (Certification Fire Resistant: NFPA 701 and BS 5867), Eco-Green and environmentally friendly, up to 85% Noise Reduction Coefficient, less than 3% fabric shrinkage between after washing and upper fabrics sewn with hard cloths and will shape after washing, preserving the beauty of the fabric.

Track Manual:
Track is 1.4 mm thick. When installed on a wide expanse, the track will not be warped and will remain strong. The length of the nylon cord can easily be adjusted manually without disassembly. An end cup on the roll system makes for lighter and simpler operation. Smooth track noise

Adjustable Hook, if the current installation of curtain fabric too long / short, it can be controlled via the adjustable hook, no need to cut or add additional fabrics (- / + 6 to 8 cm) Furthermore, mounting the hook into the fabric does not cause injury.

Automatic Machine:
Fabric cutting machines allows for better precision (cuts are neat and smooth). Pleats and bands are stitched mechanically (specs input into the machine) resulting in more uniform distance between the fabric pleat and the band.